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General Questions

1.How much are your eye exams?

Routine well vision eye exams are $145-185, which includes eye health testing and eyeglass prescription good for two years in adults, and one year under 18 years old.

The cost of a contact lens evaluation varies based on contact lens design and time required to properly evaluate, fit, and perform follow-up visits. Please call us with your contact lens needs and we can quote you fees for getting you properly fitted for your new contacts.

If you have printed and filled out your paperwork (Click Here) and are checked into the system by our front desk and insurance coordinator (option 3 when calling us), then your exam time will be about an hour.

Daily hours are Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm, closed for lunch 12-1. Click Here to schedule your appointment.

We recommend pupil dilation when necessary. We also recommend annual Optomap® retinal scans ($40) to give us eye health reference from year to year to earlier diagnose retina diseases like glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Absolutely! We examine all ages even infants. We recommend your child’s first eye exam when they are four years old, or earlier by pediatrician referral, if problems are suspected, or if you have a family history of early eye conditions. We are warm and compassionate to your children, and kid’s eye exams are easy here!

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No. An ophthalmologist is an eye surgeon, which is unnecessary for routine eyecare. Optometrists are trained in routine eyecare, eye disease, and injury treatment. We care for patients with diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, glaucoma, allergies, infections, eyelid disease, and early macular degeneration.

Due to HIPAA privacy guidelines, we cannot email your prescription. We will fax or mail your prescription to you or another optical, or you are welcome to come by and pick it up anytime (call ahead for faster pickup time).

Eye Exam Services

Your eye exam will include all the tests necessary to determine eye health and eyeglass prescription. These tests include health testing of the exterior and interior of the eye, eye muscle coordination, depth perception, and reading vision. We will discuss your results and answer all questions. An optional annual Optomap® Laser scanning screening test ($40) will give valuable information about your eye health that cannot be found on routine exam.

A refraction is part of a routine eye exam. It is the testing for your eyeglass prescription using computerized cornea and prescription measurements and eyechart testing with lenses by our doctor. Refraction is also used as a starting point for contact lens evaluation. It is not a complete eye exam, does not test for eye health, and does not include a contact lens prescription. We recommend avoiding any online eye refraction testing as sub-standard and unable to correctly determine prescriptions. Online “eye exams” do not incorporate a doctor’s expertise in determining your prescription, and will miss sight-threatening diseases.

We test for all eye disease conditions in our routine eye exams.

Annual Optomap® laser retinal scans ($40) give the doctor information about the health of your eyes that cannot be obtained from a routine exam. We are able to monitor eye health changes by comparing your annual scans which is your best plan to ensure long term eye health.

Optical Services

Complete single vision glasses start at $89 and progressives from $149, and we include a one-year warranty. Give our opticians a call for details.

Adult glasses prescriptions are valid for 24 months, and children’s prescriptions (under 18) are valid for 12 months. All contact lens prescriptions are valid for 12 months from the final contact lens exam date.

PD stands for pupillary distance, and this is one of the measurements taken when you are fitted for glasses. We do not provide pd measurements for getting your glasses elsewhere, as accurate glasses fabrication requires measurements from an optician using your new frames. We do not recommend or support online eyewear purchases because of the mis-measurement and vision problems which commonly occur with online eyewear.

AR stands for anti-reflection, and multi-layer high quality anti-reflection lenses give you the best vision possible. Internal reflections from standard lenses cause glare and reduced vision, especially with night driving. There are many poor choices in AR, so we will recommend only the most proven AR lens technology which gives superior performance in UV, blue light, and glare protection. Give our opticians a call for details on the best non-glare options available for your new lenses.

We recommend a new updated look for all new prescriptions. Used frames are at risk of breakage due to metal or plastic fatigue in the materials, and your lenses cannot be re-cut into new frames if your old frame breaks after your new lenses have been cut to fit. Give our opticians a call for details.

Many eyewear providers charge for any type of warranty on your glasses. At Eyedentity Eyecare, we include a one year/one replacement warranty on all eyewear (except closeout specials) if breakage is due to normal wear and tear. Unfortunately frame companies will not issue warranty replacement frames chewed by animals or glasses not damaged from normal wear and tear.

If your vision insurance requires the frame, then yes, and turnaround time takes 1-2 weeks on average. If you are not using insurance, then our in-house lab can make your lenses while you keep your frame in most cases. Call for details.

We have an in-house lab for non-insurance same day or next day service for single vision lenses. Multifocal lenses and insurance orders take 1-2 weeks on average.

Progressive lens technology is always improving. Cheap progressives use older designs and are harder to see through while newer designs give superior performance. Ask our optical which progressive design is best for your prescription and lifestyle.

Everyone needs sunglass protection to prevent early cataract development and reduce the risk for future solar exposure damage, including macular degeneration. Prescription sunglasses are a real pleasure and not just a luxury, because they not only protect your eyes, they provide a measure of safety and glare protection when driving, at sporting events, and around the water.

Absolutely! We offer second pair pricing from 30-50% off retail depending on frame/lens choice, package deals, and insurance discounts. Check us out and you will be really pleased at our second pair offers that get you into a great second look or high fashion sunglasses that protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

We carry many of the leading frame brands in the industry. Don’t be fooled by some designer name brands that put their names on cheap eyewear. Click here to go to our optical page and find the brands that have been proven to be the best in the business.

All eyewear lenses have some ultraviolet and blue light protection. High quality anti-reflection lenses offer much better blue light protection, and specialized blue light filtering lenses are prescribed for those with symptoms of eyestrain or at risk for macular degeneration and cataracts. Let us show you just the right UV/Blue Light solution in your new lenses that give you the most comfortable vision in all light conditions.

Yes, but we do not bill medical insurance for after-cataract eyewear.

Contact Lens Services

Call us at (615) 791-7030 with your current contact lens prescription and we can discuss fees based on the type of lens you wear and the time needed to evaluate and properly prescribe your new contacts.

Tennessee state laws require certain procedures be done to issue an eyeglass prescription, and these requirements are different for contact lens prescriptions. These additional tests take longer and include a minimum 30-day follow-up period where contact-related visits are included. Contact lens prescriptions cannot be written from eyeglass exams or eyeglass prescriptions because of the additional tests necessary to determine the correct healthy contact lens fit.

No. We cannot alter contact lens prescriptions, because your contact lens exam was for a specific contact lens design and power that were evaluated on your eyes prior to be. Different brands require different powers and sometime different fit curvatures. Each lens option must be individually evaluated in order to render the correct prescription.

Absolutely! There is no charge for standard shipping of a year’s supply. We charge $20 regular shipping or $35 rush shipping for smaller orders or super rush orders.

Once your final contact lens prescription is determined, we will issue you a written copy of this prescription to be purchased wherever you like. Our contact lens prices are slightly higher, because we warranty all our lenses for the life of the prescription. If your prescription changes and you return to us for your yearly exam, we will exchange your remaining lenses for the new prescription at full value for what you paid for them. Most of our patients really appreciate this value-added service and order their contact lenses from us year after year.

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