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Specialized Eyecare

Glaucoma Testing & Management

If you are currently being treated for Glaucoma, or have a family member with Glaucoma, we have the expertise and newest technology and treatments to take the very best care of you and your eyes to preserve your vision. Precise visual field testing, coupled with retina imaging and pressure measurements provide accurate diagnosis and treatment custom tailored to your individual needs. Come in today and you will appreciate the difference in your Glaucoma care plan.

Macular Degeneration

If you have a family member with macular degeneration or are over the age of 55, it is important to test annually for this sight-threatening eye disease. We use the very latest in retina laser scanning technology to accurately test for the earliest signs for this condition that can be detected and years before you will notice problems. There are many things you can do to protect your eyes and possibly reduce the risk of getting this disease, and we will review all of them with you to ensure your eyes are well protected.

Dry Eyes / Redness / Allergies Treatment

Everyone over 50, and many persons with allergies, multiple medications, other medical conditions, and computer users will experience dry eye. We have specific dry eye tests that can detect and effectively treat dry eye disease to prevent irreversible damage to the eye surface. We can offer many solutions that will help you feel better, look better, and prevent damage to your eyes.

Diabetic Eye Health

All persons diagnosed with diabetes require an annual eye health examination with retinal evaluation. These tests support your doctor in treating you with the proper medications. After a thorough exam and retina testing for diabetic retinopathy, we will report these findings directly to your doctor which assists them in creating an effective and proactive treatment plan for your diabetes.

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